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Through the use of Reiki infused clothing we turn on our very own “soul switch” that will direct pure loving energy towards our highest good. Love is in unlimited supply, surrounding us at all times,eternal love is our authentic self.

To be in flow with love we must release fear based thoughts. The most perfect place to come from is one of self love.

I have consciously designed Reikiwear to assist you in raising your vibration. These products have been infused with Reiki energies, ancient prayers, mantras, and power words all intended to expand love in the wearer and the viewer.

Each time you wear your Reikiwear garments or sleep with a reikiwear pillow you can experience a reiki treatment. This treatment awakens your soul to the divinity within and assists you to see perfection in yourself and others. Expand into your true self with the simplicity of Reikiwear.

Reikiwear is a spiritual tool to assist you on your life’s journey. With this invaluable tool you can align with the ALL, transforming your life into a loving and happy journey. With meditation you can merge further with the Reiki energies deepening your connection to the universal life force. Turn on your personal healing switch! Start your journey as you were meant to. Use Reikiwear clothing infused with your personal reiki treatment to tap into unlimited lover.

Reikiwear Clothing: Healthy choices for healthy living
At Reikiwear we use cotton, cotton blends, and bamboo. We know you do not want to lose precious time focusing on garment care. So we pre shrink our fabrics and we create clothing to assist you to live a healthy longer life filled with time for fun.

Find out more information about these auric readings, please click here.
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